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Hello, do you want to download FaceTime For Windows and want to use this free video call app on your PC? Then you are in the right place.

In this article I will cover whether you can get FaceTime on windows pc or not, also cover step by the step installation process.

FaceTime is one of the popular videotelephony apps nowadays. In the present situation, video calls have become commonplace for everyone.

In studies, official work or family communication video calls play an integral role in facilitating them. The FaceTime app was first launched in 2010 by Apple Inc. FaceTime supports only iOS devices or Mac devices. 

You can access the app on any front-facing camera iOS device or any Mac device that allows a FaceTime camera. It’s the same if you are using FaceTime on Windows or Mac PC.

Initially, it was only available on Mac or Apple devices, but since 2021 it has been opened for Windows and Android users too. 

The key benefits of this app are as follow: –

  • It allows Mac and Apple device users to communicate via video calls, and you can also share videos, music, or even their device screen while on a video call.
  • The best part about this app is that all your calls are end-to-end encrypted; hence no other person can record or see your video call. It ensures optimum safety for the users.
  • It allows group video calls up to 32 people without any hassle.
  • You can share movies and songs with several people.

FaceTime Windows PC App FAQs

Below are some frequently asked questions about this facetime app and I recommend you to check out these to get a quick idea.

Can you use FaceTime on a PC?

As of now, there is no facetime official app for windows users however you can join facetime with an invite link.

Can you FaceTime on a Windows computer?

Yes, you can use this free video call app on a windows computer but only with the invite link. You can’t open and make calls by yourself with windows devices.

How do I do FaceTime?

It’s very simple. Open the app, choose the contact you want to facetime, and click on the call icon.

How do you FaceTime on a PC?

For that, you need to create an invite link for the pc users and here in this article, I discussed the complete process of it.

Is there a FaceTime app for Windows 10?

Nope, there is no official app available on the windows store nor any app on the Apple official website.

Can I FaceTime for free?

Yes, this app is available for free and you can do unlimited calls with this free video call app without paying anything.

So these are some FAQs on this video calling app and hope you found some useful information from them.

FaceTime Alternative on Windows PC

Even though FaceTime provides you with a wide range of benefits, it has several limitations. The prime issue is the device limitations.

Even though it is now available for Windows users, there can be a lot of problems in installation. Often you may face difficulty in downloading and using the app if you do not have an iOS or Mac device.

So, there are some alternatives of FaceTime given below: –


Skype Video Call App

Skype is a well-known app for video telephony services. IT can be an ideal alternative to FaceTime on Windows PC.

If you are using an Android or Windows device, Skype can be your best video call partner. It is a safe and easy-to-use video calling app.

It provides the users with extraordinary features. Skype not only allows you to make video calls but also supports audio calls and messaging. Some of its benefits are:

  • You can make video calls of high quality.
  • You can easily text people while on video calls.
  • The video calls are encrypted and are not accessible by any third person.
  • One can share videos, movies, presentations while on video calls.
  • You can record the video and audio calls to preserve your essential calls for further reference.

Yahoo Messenger

Yahoo Messenger Video Call

A popular messaging and video calling app, Yahoo provides you with several benefits. Yahoo messenger is an application that supports video calling and messaging.

The only requirements of this app are that you need to open an email account on Yahoo. Once you have a Yahoo email account, you can access video calling, messaging, and other benefits.

You can download the app from the play store for free and also supports iOS or Mac devices. Also, this is one of the best Facetime alternatives on Windows PC.

The benefits of the Yahoo app are as follows: –

  • You can make calls from phones to computers and even PC-to-PC calling.
  • You can create chat rooms in the app for group video calls or group discussions.
  • The app allows you to send voicemails and files easily through messages.

Tango Video Calls

Tango - FaceTime Windows Alternative

If you want an app that is super easy to use and at the same time solves all your requirements, the Tango is the best choice for you.

The Tango video calls app is easy to use and allows you high-quality video telephonic services. The application is very the Tango app allows; you to communicate with people using internet services.

A WiFi connection or any internet connection is required. You will get the app free on the play store, and it can run on all Windows, Android, and iOS devices. The key features of the app are:

  • The app allows you to make video calls easily. No need Facetime on windows if you have this app on your pc.
  • All the calls are encrypted; hence the app is safe to use. You can send messages, stickers, and even location details through the app.
  • One can make groups of contacts for group chats or group video calls.
  • One can use Tango to live-stream videos and can also share messages during the live streams.

Use FaceTime on PC Free (Windows Computer)

Install Facetime on PC or Computer

Now as I discussed above there is no official app available on the windows store nor on the apple website. Here I cover how you can do facetime to windows or android users with the help of invite links.

Follow below step by step process for more details.

  • First, open the Facetime Windows PC app on your iOS or macOS device, and there you can have two options.
  • Click on the create link, it will give options to Copy or Share links via different mediums.
  • Now share that link with that person who wants to do facetime from an android or windows device.
  • When that person opens the link in the browser there will be an option of entering the name and joining the call.
  • As the person enters his/her name and clicks on the join button you will see a popup to accept the request.
  • Accept the request to start a video call with her/him. And Done! now you’re able to do facetime to windows users.

So this is the complete process to download and use the FaceTime app on a Windows Computer or PC. This is available for free and you can do unlimited calls with this method without paying anything.

We also cover the installation of Garageband, iMessage, and iMovie in our previous articles. So you can check those out also.


Here I share the complete process on how to use FaceTime on Windows PC and make calls to laptop and computer users.

Also, make sure you are using the latest version of Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge while doing facetime.


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