CamScanner For PC Download (Windows Latest)


Sending documents is always a mess when it comes to portability. And here is the time when CamScanner For PC comes into play.

Although the camscanner is made into consideration with portability and domination in mobile phones.

But it is making its base in marvelous features, which makes it a worthy app to install in your pc as well.

The process of installing a camscanner for pc is quite easy which makes the process even easier.

Here we have seen this process in the gcmob, snapseed, and thoptv article so check those for more guide.

Before installing, those of you who don’t know about the camscanner, Let’s dig some deep inside the features.

How to Download CamScanner on PC? (Windows 7/8/10)

It can help you to take an image and then convert it into different formats that look similar to the scanned ones.

The scanned files look so real that it seems like scanned from a real printer. This is the reason which makes it hugely popular as it is used by millions of people worldwide.

There are some of the similar apps available in the market as well some of which are pocket scanner and open note scanner.

But what makes camscanner excel in this race is its features, It contains a lot more features than any other app.

If you look to download the official app of camscanner then it will not available on the windows store.

There are some other ways to install that in your pc and we are right here to tell you the path.

Now let’s download the camscanner on your pc.  Note that the process we will be discussing is more windows oriented however the process is the same for macOS also.

The process below is a step by step guide that you can follow blindly:

CamScanner For Windows PC Download

To get started with the process you should have the below files in your pc.

File size 64 MB
Category Productivity
Title CamScanner For PC
Developed By INTSIG Information Co. Ltd.
Req Android version Varies with device
Installations 100,000,000+
Rating 4.2/5.0


Step-2 Now once you have downloaded the files, you will now see a zip file in the downloaded file.

Step-3 Now extract that file downloaded above and you will find 2 additional files in the extracted folder.

Step-4  Click on the bluestacks app installer and install a camscanner on your pc. It can take a while depending on your internet speed and pc speed as well.

Search Camscanner on PC

Step-5 Once installed, just open bluestacks and click on the play store icon available there. Open the play store and search for a camscanner by clicking on the search icon.

Install Doc Scan App

Step-6 Now you will see the camscanner app on the top, just hit install and download the app into your pc.

Scan Doc App

Step-7 Now the camscanner app is successfully installed on your pc, what you have to do is just enjoy the awesome features of the app.

Camscanner PC App Screenshot

It is to be noted that there is some news raised in the past that camscanner is spying on our data.

So I would recommend you use any kind of vpn on the pc to ensure the safety of your data and privacy.

This was one of the processes that you can follow to have a camscanner on your pc.

Some of those unpredictable features are as below. Here to install this app I used the same process as we used in the byju’s for pc.

App Features

Here are some best features of the camscanner app which helps you a lot to get more ideas about this app.

  • Take any image and convert it to scanned copies.
  • Convert that scanned copies to any formats that your need fits in.
  • Huge variety of formats available such as Jpeg, PDF, txt, word, etc. and also avaible in the camscanner pc app.
  • Multiple sharing options available including some most popular ones like WhatsApp.
  • It also includes Gmail (mostly used by professionals), Shareit (to share locally), etc.

Now, I definitely know you might be overwhelmed by the features of this, But now it’s time to face the truth.

But the issue with the above process is that the people who don’t want to give their mail ids in the play store are not able to download the app.

But we have got you covered for that also, Here is the second step for installing camscanner in your pc.

Install CamScanner on PC (With Apk File)

This process is an alternative to the above process and is especially in consideration to the people who love their privacy so much.

Remember the file left from the two downloaded in the previous process. Now it will automatically import that file in your pc.

Step-1: Open the Bluestacks app player installed already.

Step-2: Click on the 3 dots available at the top-right and select the .apk option.

Step-3: After that choose the apk file and it will install it directly for you.

Step-4: Once installed successfully, enjoy the awesome features of the camscanner pc app.

After the recent banned of this you may need a vpn to use in India so do check out the turbo vpn pc app for a batter experience.


We hope that the Camscanner For PC is now successfully installed on your windows and mac. If you are facing any issue let me know in the comment box.

If there is any problem coming, you can simply mention that in the comment section and we will help you.

After installing, don’t forget to like the post, and check out our other similar posts.


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